over due

word clouds begin repetition
communicative data spread
like lice, lichen lick
earthen stones, trampled cobble
hobble where the horses once sat
topple the whores now grown fat
cry, cry, and fly to the panhandle
visit the soon dead
recompense a bitch
bury me in the ditch
wont make trouble
the dogs will find me
or angry slumlord fine me
no sympathy
drawn blinds
manicured messes
marginal defenses
nothing left but pretenses
ashtrays piled high
gray dusted smear
comfortable cover
over stolen furniture
glass table top
bad blow and gut rot
the reality believable
beguiling and clear


wage slave

Paid today in part
in pieces chipped, still short.
Shift for a shifty,
worth more than it ought be.
Shit on the clock one relief.
Frescoes streak, sweat, and steam,
words bleed ink hearts staining sleeves.
Time away is breath unknown,
uncounted, untethered, worthless.
Hunker, bunkhouse drunks,
beware the scum sucking louse.
Don’t be crass, spend a look,
hooks caught, barbs inside,
signed off by the book.
While found words dissuade,
a vice provides elusive truth,
an unhooked noose, a loose truce
until something frays
pray it may be soon.

gods of trash

Would you rather be
ground or the seed?
Sage advice.
Spice bought the safe way
brokered through the slave trader
instituted by our savior who
occupiers and wage workers
sing the praises stern.
Cracking knuckles dusted
with the gilded charms
that grew our arms and dropped them
where there once were trees.
Now children cry and men deny
the poor forever worthless.
Ground to blood
the ancient ways
of tools we kept
long before we bore inept.
And slept away the birthing pains
of an endless swirling lust.
Lost their luster at the touch
the seeds often hunger
and wonder at the world above
while ground clutches
and cries no more
of a future it once saw in the grass.
The beak of a bird
in murderous flight
snatch up its filthy treat
apostate to its crime.

wet grass crab smell

cherry picking uncle fucker,
ulcer cow drippy tit,
cowl credible edible delight,
despite the night out,
insider bushwick fantasm screech,
throttle dangerous choke repeat,
savage strains stumble stairwell,
fumble tumble topside wet,
inheritance fraught beckon away,
plaster cast master class,
fateful envy monumental fascination,
fixate refrigerate lapping substance,
way finds you when,
backhand restoration corroborate decimate,
organize style wisdom none,
layman learns unheard terms