grand circus park, detroit

This is a true story.

It cost me all the money in my wallet-that is also true.

“You can’t parallel park the truth. It fits right in.”-that too is true.

I met a man with nine knuckles and nine bullet wounds.

He only showed me three.


52 in august.

Dad built bridges,

Mother was religious but oblivious.

Had three brothers,

Tall as the buildings.

Hyenas in the park,

Prowlin’ where we now sit.

“But my way didn’t work.”

Has keys, but no home.

“Eat dirt, sell it too.”

Had fifteen suits, lost it all in the fire of ’96.

“Do you need your computers to understand that?”

Guess I do.

Rain’s a-comin.

“I won’t melt, only rust.”

Traded over my bills.

“You never hear nobody speak so much bullshit, am I right?”